Clawson Button Design | April 2013

As a soon-to-be resident of Clawson, I was browsing the city's Facebook page and came across a request for children to submit a design for a button that will be distributed at the upcoming city-wide Fourth of July celebration. The requirements were that the button had to include the words "Clawson", "80 Years of Hometown Pride" and "2013". Although my design will not be submitted (for I am not a child), I decided to give it a go.

My influence for this design comes from the summer I spent living in Nashville. With the Hatch Show Print being right downtown, letterpress is a common style used in all aspects of design in Tennessee and with the music industry being so big in Nashville, there were plenty of concert posters plastered all around town.

I also draw inspiration from Mikey Burton, an up-and-coming young designer that does letterpress but also uses digital techniques to create a letterpressed look. Although this button design is not traditionally letterpressed, it gives off a letterpress impression with the grunge texture and varying typefaces.

After doing the Clawson button, I was inspired to design more buttons: