Anonymous Co-worker
Palace Sports & Entertainment


It isn't one specific story that can show Jenn's teamwork, but I would challenge anyone to find someone on our Corporate Partnerships team that she hasn't gone above and beyond for. Her consistency and hard work is what makes the difference in allowing us to make better, more meaningful presentations to our partners and prospects. Beyond hard work in her craft, Jenn sets our team up to be better, and we rely on her for that strength. She's a quiet worker, but is always on top of what's happening and coming up for the team. She knows who is pitching what, isn't afraid to ask questions, and best of all, challenges us when she see's something is “off” from a graphic or administrative lens. She doesn't hear thank you enough or get the praise that she deserves, but she continues to come in and work hard every day.

Laura Kennett
Associate Director
GVSU Campus Recreation


"It is my pleasure to write this letter of professional recommendation on behalf of Jennifer Lumetta in her pursuit of employment. I supervised Jennifer as a Graphic Designer in the Campus Recreation department at Grand Valley State University She was an excellent employee who I enjoyed working with.

Jennifer came to our department far better prepared with professional experience than her peers. She has taken the initiative to gain hands-on work through internships and jobs, which has made her a very efficient, productive employee. I have found her to be a mature, professional employee who is responsible and dependable. She has done a great job managing her time to produce quality work.

In the field of graphic design, I feel it is important for designers to be able to listen to their client and be open to change. Jennifer has done a great job of being patient in producing options and changes as our department has requested new and different things from her. She manages to stay organized and manage time in a way that allows for creativity, but also productivity. This is something I have seen lacking in other designers I have worked with.

Overall, I feel Jennifer would be an asset to any team. She can work well independently, but is open to working in a team and accepts constructive criticism and feedback very well, which is essential in working with clients. I have no hesitation in recommending Jennifer for a professional position as a Graphic Designer.

If you would like more information or would prefer to speak on the phone, I can be reached at (616) 331-3263. You can also reach me by email at I would be glad to discuss Jennifer's work performance. Thank you for time and consideration."

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Matthew Rogers
Principal | Ideation
Primarily Rye, LLC


"To the person lucky enough to hire Jenn Lumetta,

Jenn came on as an intern for Primarily Rye this summer and has by far surpassed my expectations. She has the skills of a veteran designers and the creative insight to lead a small team or a valuable team member. She was on time each day, stayed until we were happy with the progress and never missed an unapproved work day.

During her short time with Primarily Rye, she helped create 3 new brands, a multitude of print and promotions collateral and themed graphics for an e-commerce website. Her ability to work fast, interpret creative direction and meet deadlines was very impressive and finished her internship by leading a team of 2-3 other interns on a few projects.

Jenn is very knowledgeable with various design software, learns new technology quickly and shows a keen understanding of a solid concept. She responds well to constructive criticism or feedback and is eager to be challenged at every turn. Her soft spoken manner is no indication of her passion for design or willingness to go the extra mile. I highly recommend Jenn Lumetta for employment and would snag her myself if she chose to stay in Tennessee."

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Sean Brattin
SEO Manager
Orange Creative Solutions


"I have worked with Jennifer Lumetta during her internship at our digital agency. She has demonstrated an admirable initiative and a fantastic outlook toward constructing excellent, consistent design and production work for both web and print media. Her demonstrated skills have made her a valuable member of our team. It is with extreme that I recommend her for any endeavor she chooses to pursue.

In working with Jennifer, I've observed many strengths in her performance. She manages her time well and can handle a variety of projects while meeting tight deadlines. In her months at Orange Creative, she has gained the respect of the entire office for her important contributions. We will sincerely miss her.

Jennifer is well educated as a designer and performs job functions beyond expectations. She is very knowledgable with various design software, demonstrating a good understanding of concepts and functionality in addition to application. Ms. Lumetta also receives suggestive feedback pleasantly, and is responsive to constructive criticism. Her desire to sharpen her sills in evident in the way she approaches each individual assignment. Furthermore, she has a proven ability to efficiently prioritize multiple projects simultaneously and is excellent in organizing complex design projects with multiple versions, while monitoring time efficiently.

If you need any further information, feel free to contact me. Jennifer has my solid recommendation; she will be an asset to your company."

Howard Keating
Project Manager
Orange Creative Solutions


"It is with great enthusiasm that I write a recommendation for Jennifer Lumetta. Ms Lumetta was a Graphic Artist Intern with Orange CS. I have had the pleasure of being Jennifer's direct supervisor over the summer. In that time, she consistently accomplished tasks in a timely manner, developed creative and unique designs for print and web. She is without a doubt the best graphic design intern I have ever had the privilege of supervising.

Ms Lumetta used her own initiative to create a new, fresh, and clean design for our literature. The literature she designed was made to entice potential prospects into new clients. The new literature without question helped us develop better leads and more sales for the company.

Her experience wasn't limited only to print, at Orange CS she learned to hone her skills on the web. She created mockups for web pages and banners. At first, she was new to web design, but by the end of the summer, her designs were indistinguishable from those of our professional designers who have been working in the field for years.

I tend not to write letters or recommendation, but for Jennifer I made an exception. I think a letter of recommendation reflects directly upon me, my values and reputation. In this case, I am happy to express my appreciation for Jennifer's work and work ethic. I know that she will play an important part in the success of any company she work for in the future."

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Vladimir Gendelman
Managing Director
Orange Creative Solutions


"I am pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for Ms. Jennifer Lumetta. During her graphic design internship in the summer of 2010, we had the opportunity to witness first-hand Jennifer's graphic design skills and how she applied those skills in a real-world scenario.

One of the projects she worked on was a new logo design for our sister company, the Drinkware Company. Originally we planned for Jennifer to design an initial mock-up which would then be sent to a professional designer. However, the logo was so well designed that we decided it did not need further refinement. We felt her logo design skillfully conveyed our corporate identity, personalized drinkware solutions.

Overall, I found that Ms. Lumetta consistently exceeded our expectations. Jennifer is a highly motivated professional who will be a valuable asset to any organization. She has demonstrated a high level of commitment to her work. She was an excellent team member and everyone enjoyed working with her.

I would strongly recommend Ms. Lumetta to anyone who is looking for a professional graphic designer. If you have any questions regarding Jennifer's work here are Orange Creative Solutions, Inc. please feel free to contact me."

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