A Dinner for Two (Social Classes) | September 2011

Guidelines: Make a poster addressing a social concern you may have. Explore a medium you haven’t experimented with in creating an element of the poster.

Original size: 30" x 20"

This poster comments on the prices compared to the health of the kinds of meals that different social classes have access to. I put the two very different place settings across from each other as if they were at the same table because this is something you would never see in everyday life. A wealthy person never eats with a poor person, and I hope that this juxtoposition of scenes catches the attention of the viewers. The question “Can you afford to eat like this?” relates to both sides of the image, in one side asking if you can afford the price to eat healthy, and on the other side, if your body can afford to eat cheaply. The receipts in the foreground further the message by pointing out the price and calories in each meal.