Gift Guru | December 2011

Guidelines: Work with a partner to create a mobile application of your choosing.

Collaboration with: Kayla Koenigsknecht

The gift guru shopping guide is a mobile application designed to simplify gift buying for all occasions. It will give you suggestions on what to buy for someone based on categories that you select and what is currently popular for someone that meets those criteria. When you find an appropriate gift, save it to your shopping list or locate it in a store. You can save and share wish lists between friends, as well as cross off gifts you bought for a friend on their wish list to avoid duplicate gifts (but don’t worry, they won’t see what is crossed off). Use your phone’s camera feature to scan bar codes of items you want and add them to your wish list for your friends to see. Set up reminders for upcoming events that require gift buying. The gift guru shopping guide instantly gives you access to everything you need to shop for gifts while on the go.

*If you want to use the gift guru shopping guide with friends that don’t have access to this application, they can set up an account on and access the same features of this mobile application.