Take Part | February 2011

Guidelines: Working in a team of two, conceptualize and design a website that will improve the city of Grand Rapids.

Collaboration with: Kayla Koenigsknecht

There are numerous college students near Grand Rapids that either need volunteer hours for class requirements or are just looking for ways to volunteer and help out the community. There are also many people in Grand Rapids that could use volunteers. Right now, there is a disconnect between these two groups of people. There isn't an easy way for them to find each other. Take Part fixes this problem by connecting volunteers with those in need. It not only provides an environment for these people to find each other, but it provides a way for volunteers to feel they are a part of something. Users can join a community of people that they regularly volunteer with. Take Part is not only a way to improve Grand Rapids, but also a way for people to meet new people in the community they live in. Take Part could extend to other cities.