Third Coast Creatices | July 2011

Guidelines: Brand & promote the new internship program at Primarily Rye.

Collaboration with: Berenice Valdes, Kara Leiby, Whitnee Webb, & Yi Liu

This was a collaborative project with four other interns at my summer internship at Primarily Rye. My supervisor wanted to brand and promote his internship program.

For the logo, we chose to use a portion of the United States that we designated as the “third coast”. We then chose and modified a typeface that would appeal to college students. We used a marker that you might find on a map to dot the ‘i’ in order to reinforce the importance of location in this brand.

For the promotional poster, we chose a striking color combonation and a collage of sorts to entice college students to take a closer look. It is minimal to coincide with Primarily Rye’s brand, but gets the point across with brute force because we chose such a prominent image. The copy for the poster was provided.